May 31, 2016

Pitts Carr and Alex Weatherby

Woman Says She Was Attacked at Gunpoint

police officer talking on radioTwo people were arrested in late March in connection with a kidnapping, rape and robbery in DeKalb County.   Both are facing charges for an attack that occurred at an apartment complex earlier that month.

According to police in media reports, the pair targeted a woman on March 6. One of the perpetrators snuck up behind the woman, covered her mouth with his hand and pointed a gun to her head. He forced his way into the woman’s car and drove to a nearby lot. That is where he raped and robbed her at gunpoint. Police believe that the pair also targeted a victim at the Paces Park Apartments on March 14.

The exact nature of the participation of the other in the crimes was not immediately released by law enforcement officials. The alleged victim, upon notification of the arrests, said, “He’s a sick individual. I thank God I’m OK to tell my story. I want everyone to be warned.” The victim has since recovered from her physical injuries.

Police warn the public, especially women, to stay hyper aware of their surroundings. While no crime is ever the victim’s fault, some crimes can be prevented simply by knowing what is around you. If you see someone suspicious, be sure to alert the police. Do not take chances with your safety. You are far better off to call the police and have been wrong about someone than to have taken a risk.

Even when someone is arrested and charged criminally, you may be left dealing with the monetary issues surrounding a catastrophic injury. If you have been the victim of a physical attack, you may be entitled to compensation under Georgia law. An experienced attorney, like those at Carr & Weatherby, may be able to help you.