June 16, 2016

Pitts Carr and Alex Weatherby

Trucking Firm Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuits

On April 22, 2015, a tractor-trailer slammed into traffic on Interstate 16. The traffic was stop-and-go due to an unrelated accident. The semi-truck smashed two vehicles containing nursing students from Georgia Southern University. The nurses were traveling to what would have been their final shift at a hospital in Savannah.

Killed in the crash were four young women 20 to 21 years old. The trucking firm that employed the driver of the truck settled with the families of the four women just before the year anniversary of the crash. While the amount of all of the settlements have not been released, it has been reported in the media that at least one family will be receiving $14 million.

According to media reports the driver admitted fault for the accident, but he wasn’t able to explain why he missed seeing what has been described as line of bumper-to-bumper traffic. He insisted that he was awake behind the wheel. He also told lawyers that he never heard the emergency warning system go off in his truck. That warning system is supposed to alert drivers of vehicles in close proximity.

While not all settlements or verdicts result in such high payments, you do deserve what is fair after you or a loved one have been involved in a car or truck accident. If you have experienced injury, time off of work or any dramatic change to your lifestyle as a result of the accident, you may be entitled to compensation under Georgia law. You need an attorney experienced in personal injury law like those on the team at Carr & Weatherby on your side.