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Life can change in an instant. We can find ourselves facing hardships and challenges. In these times, folks need help and they need it from people with honor. They need legal assistance from fierce, level-headed advocates that can diffuse an otherwise tense situation for their clients.

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Carr & Weatherby is an accomplished, accessible, and respected civil trial firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, representing clients throughout the United States. We provide high-quality legal representation in the fields of catastrophic injury, truck accidents, class actions, and professional malpractice. We are the Swiss-Army knife of trial law as we fulfill a variety of roles based on the client’s needs. Unlike many firms, we prosecute and defend cases. We work cases from beginning to end with total hands-on commitment. We represent Fortune 500 Companies, and we represent the seriously injured. Our diverse experience gives our clients insight, credibility, and perspective, unmatched by other law firms. We present the strongest possible argument, and we resolve our cases as quickly as possible.

We don’t chase ambulances or hide the ball. We represent honorable companies, and the genuinely injured. We are genuine lawyers for genuine folks.

Since 1973, we have provided effective legal services to those who need it, in as honorable and efficient manner possible. We have been recognized as Super Lawyers, AV Preeminent, one of the Best Firms in America, and Lawyers to Watch. We are a selective and specialized law firm that takes immense pride in resolving complex legal problems. We exist solely to help honest folks facing real and serious injuries and matters appropriate for class action handling.

Carr & Weatherby. We’re making lives better with honor, efficiency, and effectiveness.

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