March 30, 2016

Pitts Carr and Alex Weatherby

How to Drive Safely in Atlanta Traffic

Atlanta is known for quite a few things. We are home to the World of Coke and the world’s largest aquarium. The Civil Rights movement found a home here, and so did the 1996 Summer Olympics. But while there are seemingly endless attractions to visit, there’s always that one thing that may keep locals at home instead: the traffic.
Atlanta is consistently ranked as one of the worst cities in America in which to drive. More and more businesses are dropping anchor in the city, which is great for our economy. However, our roadways simply aren’t keeping up. That’s why it takes a skillful driver to navigate the city’s highways and backroads. Whether you have lived here all your life or recently moved, here are a few tips for driving safely in Atlanta.

Keep Calm and Move Over

Even if you’ve spent just a few minutes in Atlanta traffic, you probably noticed the fact that some drivers show little courtesy for others on the road. At times, it may seem like you were the only one who knows how to drive defensively. But, it is that style of driving that can save you headaches and possibly keep you from being injured in a car accident.
If someone is tailgating you, it may be best to move over to the right if you can and let them pass. Never confront a driver with road rage — including making eye contact. Often, angry drivers are tapping into their primal instinct, and that means these drivers may overreact to eye contact, interpreting it as a threat or sign of dominance. By keeping yourself safe on the road and avoiding accidents, you can help keep others safe as well.

Know the Rules of the Road

Georgia has some laws that are rather unique to the state. For instance, do you know about the Slow Poke Law? Essentially, if you are driving in the left lane and someone is coming up behind you at a faster speed, you should move over for them — even if they are speeding. This law came into effect last year, and there have been many tickets given out for breaking it.
There are many other laws and rules that drivers should be aware of on Georgia’s roads. Perhaps one of the most prominent is using Georgia’s HOV lane and the Peach Pass lane. The HOV lane is for cars with at least two people in it. Motorcycles and “green” cars may also use this lane. The Peach Pass lane, however, is for drivers who have paid for the right to use it. It is also usable by drivers who have similar passes from Florida or North Carolina.

Don’t Panic After a Wreck

With the madness that is Atlanta traffic, wrecks are a fact of life. If you are involved in a car accident, don’t panic. Make sure the passengers in each car, including yourself, are OK. Then, call 911 and your insurance company to report what has happened. When police arrive on scene, they will give you further instruction.
If you were injured in a car accident in Atlanta, you may be entitled to compensation. The best way to find out if you do deserve compensation, and to get the ball rolling on that process, is to contact an experienced attorney. At Carr & Weatherby, we have the experience to review your case and offer legal advice for moving forward. Call us today for a free consultation.