Motorcycle Accident FAQs

Law is confusing. That is why there are, literally, books on every type of topic you can think of. A lot of the same questions are asked. As you may have seen, our practice pages are written in a way to answer questions most readers would have. Similarly, we write these FAQs to answer the most commonly asked questions as simply and quickly as possible.


How common are injuries in motorcycle crashes?

Injuries in motorcycle accidents are common. It is estimated that there were 89,000 motorcycle accidents with injuries in 2017.

Why do motorcycle accidents happen?

Every accident is different but there are some common factors. Motorcycle accidents happen more frequently in cities and on non-interstate roads. Alcohol, speeding, and weather are other common factors in Georgia motorcycle accidents.

How much is a motorcycle accident worth?

We offer a free case evaluation during our initial consultation. Without knowing specifics as to the liability, causation, and damages, there is no way to evaluate the case accurately.

How much time to file a claim in a motorcycle accident?

Generally, there is 2 years form the date of the accident to file a timely lawsuit. This can change, so talking to a competent Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney is key.

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