Truck Accident FAQs

Law is confusing. That is why there are, literally, books on every type of topic you can think of. A lot of the same questions are asked. As you may have seen, our practice pages are written in a way to answer questions most readers would have. Similarly, we write these FAQs to answer the most commonly asked questions as simply and quickly as possible.


Can a Georgia truck accident lawyer help me?

Yes, truck accidents are complex. You need a knowledgeable attorney to help you navigate the regulations that apply to tractor trailer wrecks.

Does a truck driver need a special license?

A truck driver must obtain a Commercial Driver’s License called a CDL.

How long can a truck driver drive?

There are several rules that apply depending on the type of truck, the type of route, and the company involved. If you want to learn more, we wrote a more extensive piece on truck driver hours.

How much are tractor trailer claims worth?

It can be worth as little as $0 or in the multiple millions. It depends on the facts and circumstances. An Atlanta tractor trailer accident attorney can help you.

How often do truck accidents happen?

It is estimated that there are over 100,000 accidents with injuries involving trucks each year.

How much do Georgia truck accident attorneys cost?

For a plaintiff, there is a percentage charge if any money is recovered. This is called a contingency fee. For a defendant, it is an hourly rate usually.

What are the common causes of truck accidents?

Just like any automobile accident, a truck accident can be caused for any reason. This includes a violation of a rule of the road (like speeding, failure to maintain lane, following too closely) by either vehicle.

What are the different types of truck cases?

A truck wreck would generally include all types of commercial vehicles. This includes a tractor-trailer, flatbed truck, box truck, dump truck, garbage truck, tanker truck, and any other type of large truck.

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