Carr & Weatherby is perhaps best known for its role as counsel in complex, high profile securities, antitrust, and products liability class action cases throughout the United States. This practice area is a primary focus of our firm. By participating in leadership roles for many high-profile class action cases, we have accumulated significant expertise in this practice area and a reputation for successful resolution on behalf of our clients.

Class Action Knowledge and Experience

Our substantial expertise in class actions has given us status as one of the go-to firms in the Southeast. A growing national reputation for class actions has created for emerging opportunities that allow our firm to evolve and grow. Our involvement in securities fraud class actions and corporate control contests as well as shareholder and partnership disputes ensures that securities litigation will continue to play an important role in our overall litigation practice.

Antitrust litigation, particularly private action cases, serves as an active and important component of our litigation practice as well.  For example, we received national recognition for our involvement in a massive lawsuit against the airline industry alleging price-fixing. Coverage of the successful case was published in the L.A. Times and New York Times, describing how it resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars of reimbursements to consumers.

Our firm has represented literally thousands of consumers in cases involving various forms of illegal conduct and defective products. Carr & Weatherby’s consumer rights practice has covered a wide range of subject matters, from financial wrongdoing to breach of product warranties.  In the past, we have represented clients in cases involving faulty ballistic vests, bottle explosions, foreign substances in beverages, propane explosions, fires and odor fade liability. We have recovered many millions of dollars for our clients, and are proud to be in the forefront of this important area of practice.

Unparalleled Reputation for Class Action Leadership

Pitts Carr, the firm’s founder, oversees our work on class actions and is nationally renowned for his expertise in this area.  He has been appointed by dozens of federal and state judges to serve in a leadership role in class litigation around the country.

One notable example is a series of class action lawsuits filed on behalf of police officers against manufacturers of defective ballistics protection vests. In total, seven separate cases were filed in jurisdictions that included Florida and Oklahoma, with W. Pitts Carr serving as Lead Class Counsel on all of them.

Another well covered class action lawsuit is related to the Home Depot data breach of 2014. W. Pitts Carr serves as Co-Liaison counsel for a group of financial institutions which filed claims against Home Depot stemming from the data breach.

You can see other examples of our past successful class action lawsuits and cases by reviewing our case history section.