Carr and Weatherby has for decades served as one of the leading general defense firms in Atlanta and throughout Georgia and surrounding states. In that capacity we have defended thousands of cases, including car and truck accidents, legal and accounting professional liability, product liability, premises liability, environmental claims,  and an array of miscellaneous claims relating to negligence and contract disputes. We have tried well over 100 jury trials. We have handled cases in at least fifty of the one hundred and fifty-nine counties in Georgia and in all of the federal courts in Georgia. We have regularly appeared in appellate matters in the Georgia Court of Appeals, the Georgia Supreme Court and the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

We have never lost a defense case, loss being defined as having the jury return a verdict for more than we had offered by way of compromise before trial.

Our strategy in the defense of any case is always the same:

  • Lockdown the facts, circumstances and evidence as soon as possible;
  • Aggressively pursue depositions and written discovery to pin down the other party to the nature and extent of their claims;
  • Where appropriate, pursue summary judgment at the earliest opportunity;
  • If appropriate, use mediation as a means of resolving the case at the earliest opportunity (a large majority of our cases are resolved in mediation within six months of filing);
  • Failing the above, be prepared to try the case at the earliest opportunity afforded by the court.

This strategy has proved remarkably effective in bringing to a close cases, even catastrophic cases, at the earliest opportunity. It is well-established that the longer a claim remains open the costlier it is to the defendant.

We are fortunate to have in our directory an extensive array of respected expert witnesses across the galaxy of most tort issues. This provides us the opportunity and ability to move quickly to get experts focused on a specific incident so that the technical issues may be developed and preserved from the earliest possible moment.

It is also been a substantial benefit to our practice that opposing counsel no that we are ready willing and able to try any case, and, indeed, look forward to going to trial where that is the wish of our client.