In the legal industry, personal injury lawyers are an all-too-familiar sight. Finding an Atlanta personal injury lawyer who can stand out amongst the competition can be difficult, but we at Carr & Weatherby like to think that we have earned our reputation as a reliable choice among Atlanta personal injury law firms.

Carr & Weatherby has a long history of litigating challenging personal injury cases, for both plaintiffs and defendants. Our lengthy list of jury successes is unparalleled.

Each member of our team regularly argues before courts and juries in a wide variety of jurisdictions, vigorously fighting for the most favorable outcome under the given circumstances. Early involvement by counsel is critical to discovering and preserving evidence. We always work with panels of preeminent experts who advise on areas of liability, causation, and damages issues.

The reputation for personal injury excellence at Carr & Weatherby is such that we are often called to investigate accidents shortly after their inception. We are always quick to respond and begin immediately developing a strategy for the best way to move forward. Before a suit is filed, we can assist you in contacting investigating officers and governmental authorities to uncover information critical to your case. We work closely with our clients to prepare a comprehensive case strategy that considers all possible scenarios.  We are always mindful of opportunities for resolution before suit, if possible. If your case cannot be settled before a suit is filed, we will fight alongside you in litigation to seek a win and the furthest extent of compensation.

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Carr & Weatherby has particularly strong  experience and expertise handling catastrophic cases of personal injury. Our firm has been counsel in hundreds of catastrophic injury cases, including wrongful death, paralysis, amputation, fire and explosions, and product liability.

Therefore, if you are seeking legal representation or legal assistance, please think of us first. Our proven record of winning outcomes can give you trust and confidence that we will serve your needs to the best of our ability.