Atlanta Firm for Product Liability

Product liability is a complex field of law that encompasses a wide range of specialized knowledge. Carr & Weatherby has extensive experience representing defendants and clients alike on such cases. Product liability cases come in many shapes and sizes.  There are cases that cause personal injury, such as an exploding tire, or there are cases that result in recalled products, such as our work with ballistic police vests.

From approximately 2005 until 2010, Carr & Weatherby was lead counsel in a number of high-profile, product liability class actions representing police officers who had purchased bullet proof vests that were not bullet proof.  We pursued a “breach of contract” theory, in which we alleged that the police vests were warranted to last for a period of time but rapidly degenerated after purchase.  As a result of our actions, we recovered well over $100,000,000.00 for police officers.

There are many types of product liability cases. Not all product liability cases are class actions. Some deal with negligent design, negligent defects, or violation of safety standards.  The rules governing these lawsuits are complex, and there are many strategic decisions requiring the opinion of a good lawyer.

If you have purchased a defective product or been injured by a defective product, you most likely need an experienced product liability attorney to assist you.  When addressing a product liability lawsuit, the team at Carr & Weatherby has the experience necessary to assist you achieving the recovery you deserve.   Carr & Weatherby has the capability of assembling a team of experts to assist your case, if necessary.