Carr & Weatherby represents lawyers and accountants in professional liability defense. We are familiar with the unique and often complex laws that govern professional liability.  Our strategies for swift resolution often involve filing successful summary judgment for our clients based on any provisions we find available. Through numerous court orders, we have obtained rulings granting our client’s judgment as a matter of law.

If we are unable to resolve your case with motion practice or negotiation, we are prepared to pursue your case to a verdict. With our panel of preeminent field experts, we calculate the most strategic and convincing argument available to increase our client’s possibility of success. To date, we have not received a verdict above our valuation prior to trial.


Carr & Weatherby is entrusted by our legal colleagues to protect their professional livelihood and reputation while defending the actions and decisions they have committed in the past. Our firm regularly represents lawyers in legal malpractice actions, including coming before the State Bar of Georgia in disciplinary hearings.

Currently, we represent many lawyers in malpractice cases on behalf of a number of major professional liability insurance carriers. Our extensive experience representing attorneys throughout the state of Georgia involved cases touching on numerous areas of law, including real estate closings, personal injury representation, business transactions, receiverships, bankruptcies, family law,  trust and estates, worker’s compensation, fiduciary law, securities fraud and RICO claims.


Our firm has extensive experience in claims involving accountant malfeasance, including violations of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS). These cases have been in the context of securities fraud and malpractice actions.

We consult the most knowledgeable accounting and financial experts in order to build the strongest case possible for our accounting clients.