Carr and Weatherby is one of the premier trucking law firms in the Southeast handling a wide array of legal issues from catastrophic personal injury and death to regulatory matters. We have handled thousands of cases and claims involving truck accidents.

Without question, one of the most important aspects relating to actual or potential litigation relating to a trucking accident is to immediately accumulate all of the relevant evidence. This must be carefully preserved.

In some serious incidents, in addition to the local policing authorities, there may be involvement by the state and federal transportation departments. Each have their individual practices and procedures which form a labyrinth of almost impenetrable complexity. Any lawyer practicing in this field must be able to navigate those complexities quickly and competently.

Likewise, in serious trucking accidents, there may be a need for expert engineering assistance relating to issues from speed, skid marks, computer data, breaking, and on and on. Given our extensive involvement in the trucking arena, we have in our directory dozens of highly specialized experts and engineers relating to the trucking field. We are in the enviable position of being able to bring them to bear immediately on the most complex incidents.

Our starting point is to proceed to the scene the minute we learn of an incident. We then obtain statements from all available witnesses to every aspect of the accident. Memories fail; recordings do not. Preserving the physical evidence as well as the eyewitness evidence can be critical.

We have tried to juries dozens of catastrophic accident cases involving trucks. We have an unparalleled win history in those cases.