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Pitts Carr is one of the founding partners of the nationally recognized law firm Carr & Weatherby, LLP. During his 43-year tenure as a trial attorney, Mr. Carr has become one of the most respected and experienced attorneys in the Southeast. He has been described as a tough litigator with a reputation for professionalism and high ethical standards in the courtroom. He also is known for his unequaled success rate.

Mr. Carr graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Georgia, followed by a J.D. degree from Duke University Law School in 1972.  He has been named by a number of federal and state courts to serve in leadership positions in cases of national importance.

Mr. Carr is a member of the American Bar Association, Georgia Bar Association, and the Atlanta Bar Association. He is on the ABA Committee on Lawyers’ Professional Liability.  He served as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Securities and Commercial Trial Attorneys. He was named by Georgia Governor Joe Frank Harris to serve as Chairman of the Governor’s Commission on Tort Reform for the State of Georgia, Chairman of the Board of Medical Assistance (now Community Services), and member of the State Personnel Board. He was appointed by Governor George Busbee to serve on the Board of Directors for the Georgia Department of Human Resources.

He has served as a member of the Board of Directors of Atlanta Life Financial Group, and served on the boards of a number of charitable and religious organizations including the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Leukemia Society, St. Jude’s House, Atlanta Union Mission, Chair, and St. Phillips Cathedral, Senior Warden. He has served as the Chair of the Stewardship Committee at the Cathedral of Christ the King, as well as a lay member of the Executive Council. He currently serves on the Financial Council.

For the past 20 years he has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Georgia Motor Trucking Association in the capacity of General Counsel. He was named by Governor Sonny Perdue to serve on the legal committee for the State of Georgia coordinating the State’s joint litigation with twenty other states relating to the Health Reform Bill.

A native of Thomasville, Georgia, Mr. Carr resides in Atlanta with his wife, Julie, and their four children. He is an avid outdoorsman and pilot.


  • 1969
    Bachelors in Economics

    Attended University of Georgia

  • 1972

    Graduated from Duke University Law School in 1972.

Practice Areas


    Carr & Weatherby represents lawyers and accountants in professional liability defense. We are intimately familiar with the unique and often complex laws that govern professional liability. Our strategies for swift resolution often involve filing successful summary judgment for our clients based on any provisions we find available. Through numerous court orders, we have obtained rulings granting our client’s judgment as a matter of law.


    Carr and Weatherby has for decades served as one of the leading general defense firms in Atlanta and throughout Georgia and surrounding states. In that capacity we have defended thousands of cases, including car and truck accidents, legal and accounting professional liability, product liability, premises liability, environmental claims, and an array of miscellaneous claims relating to negligence and contract disputes. We have tried well over 100 jury trials. We have handled cases in at least fifty of the one hundred and fifty-nine counties in Georgia and in all of the federal courts in Georgia.


    In the legal industry, personal injury lawyers are an all-too-familiar sight. Finding an Atlanta personal injury lawyer who can stand out amongst the competition can be difficult, but we at Carr & Weatherby like to think that we have earned our reputation as a reliable choice among Atlanta personal injury law firms.


    Patients place a tremendous amount of trust in their surgeons, physicians and medical care professionals. Unfortunately, these health care professionals sometimes breach the standard of care. We have recovered millions of dollars for persons injured in acts of medical malpractice. These lawsuits can provide compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and future medical care.


    Carr and Weatherby is one of the premier trucking law firms in the Southeast handling a wide array of legal issues from catastrophic personal injury and death to regulatory matters. We have handled thousands of cases and claims involving truck accidents.


    Carr & Weatherby is perhaps best known for its role as counsel in complex, high profile securities, antitrust, and products liability class action cases throughout the United States. This practice area is a primary focus of our firm. By participating in leadership roles for many high-profile class action cases, we have accumulated significant expertise in this practice area and a reputation for successful resolution on behalf of our clients.


    Product liability is a complex field of law that encompasses a wide range of specialized knowledge. Carr & Weatherby has extensive experience representing defendants and clients alike on such cases. Product liability cases come in many shapes and sizes. There are cases that cause personal injury, such as an exploding tire, or there are cases that result in recalled products, such as our work with ballistic police vests.


    Premises liability cases may entail a complicated set of overlapping factors that can greatly affect the decision of the jury or presiding judge. Carr & Weatherby has the experience to navigate these issues in order to build the best possible strategy for our clients. We have worked on hundreds of premises liability cases, including wrongful death, paralysis, and other catastrophic injuries. We have defended large Fortune 500 companies in defense of cases, and we have represented injured persons seeking deserved compensation.


    At Carr & Weatherby, we have years of experience representing both insurers and insureds in coverage disputes. Insurance coverage is governed by a unique set of rules and cases. Our balanced approach is especially helpful in the world of insurance disputes, where often many different arguments can be made as to the insurer and insureds obligations under a policy. Because we have worked on both sides of the aisle, our clients can rest assured that the attorneys at Carr & Weatherby understand both an insurer’s obligations under a policy and an insured’s expectations for coverage.